4 Mobile Games & Supercell will Break Profit Sheet Lines

Clash of Clans
Image Source : Supercell

Finland based Mobile Game Developers known as Supercell have really something good in it or you can say last Christmas bring them all good luck and charm for sure. This all chaos is just because the financial results of 2015 has been announced by this company and those results are just only three most popular Mobile Game based on revenue, which are – Boom Beach, Hay and Day & Clash of Clans. Actually, company has declared a net profit of $964 million which was the official copy of released news in front of media. However net revenue of $2.36 billion has been also recorded for the same. The amount is net worthy to the profit of $592 million which is counted as revenue of $1.777 billion for sure. However most popular mobile game from its list is Clash of Clans which was introduced in August 2012 and it became really tough for all type its competitors to introduce something like because Supercell has also invested in market so very well after once it was a hit. You can also consider Clash of Clans as one of the most successful app in the world right now. But the company has planned to share to pay a net profit of $15.50 for each share which is bought by their shareholders, while Supercell also offered a share buyback scheme for its employees which turned over $128 million for sure in last year.

With the help of such successful reviewers are saying that, it is an incredible financial result for such type of company which has a medium level of employee strength (i.e. around 180 employees) and no doubt that this year has been good start or them all. It is always good to introduce new things and when it comes to good mobile games or mobile app then it always nice and people do look forward for it. Clash Royale is one of those that has taken very fast leap and ranked no. 1 as ranked within US Apple App Store in the top grossing and top download both categories.

Another news coming from same respective company (Supercell) is that the game is now a top ranked in 44 countries, which has made it achieve almost 100 million of active users per day in every active country. You can say that it was a charm for the company of hard luck for errors which made Supercell achieve its three popular games in the Top 40 and two of them in the Top 10 game download category for all active years.

Have you heard the name – Ilkka Paananen? Yes you are right, CEO of Supercell. Who recently gave a statement regarding to financial reports in which he spoked about it – “These financial results are of course great and we are very proud of them. However, the real highlight for us is how we’ve been able to get here while staying true to our founding vision that was all about people.”

The CEO also added few words to his statement encouraging his employees that – “We believed that if we bring together the best people, create the best possible environment for them, then with enough time and some luck, some great games will follow. Games that millions of people around the world will want to play for years and years.”

The young achiever team leader also said that – “Despite the financial success, we have been able to keep the company relatively small. Today we are 180 people where most people know each other by name and where people work in small and independent teams, in a zero bureaucracy environment.”

Supercell’s headquarters established within Helsinki has been rented in small, cozy kind of environment. Where the complete team of Clash of Clans team is available always to deal with very all problems and developments they need 24×7. Supercell has also announced that before launching its fourth game Clash Royale, 14 games were rejected in doing so.

Introducing its New Winner : Clash Royale

Image Source : Supercell
Image Source : Supercell

Supercell has also released Clash Royale this month earlier, which will take the company to new heights. There is no doubt if anyone is thinking about just like its CEO, Ilkka Paananen. That after neglecting so many games finally this Finnish brand launched its new mobile app which seems to be really nice. After testing its smartphone game within many regions before its launch the makers wanted to make this sure that all the decisions they made (including to kill Smash Land) was doing all OK, before the company decided to not run it any more and focused over the new Clash Royale project. It is only because of the company main focus over the quality made the its launch a big part of the overall mobile game industry.

Without approaching any big name or fame Supercell is the only brand of smartphone gaming world which has established four games and all of them are hit for sure. There are so many loyal users of Supercell all around the world who always look for new releases from this developer, just like when Clash Royale debuted it made it big. That’s why there is no doubt when Apple App store provided a good position within the featured game area, when this mobile game was released. Actually Clash Royale is mixture of different features such as Characters or Clash of Clans, multi-player online battle arena with real-time strategy.

Talking About its Basic Design : Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a complete real-time combat where an online player attacks and offline player defends, this means it is going just beyond the limitations of Clash of Clans but as usual it needs a good kind of infrastructure support as well. A slate is available with complete list of characters always ready to drop on the game field at the same time. If you drop a single giant on the ground then it will roll towards the enemy with a slow speed, but if it is able to reach the end then it will do a lot things to the enemy line. To defense you will need such as a dragon or can counter a giant upon it, such things are able to prevent your fort from goblins or archers etc.

While playing this mobile game or using this mobile app you will not feel anything hiccup such as something is not rolling in properly, most of the time hardcore gamers and non-gamers do find a different taste of their own. But this is such type of gaming series by Supercell which will attract both of them and do already have a good reputation in the application gaming section.

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