5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Android Phone from Malware

ximgSmartphone is much more than a phone because in which you stored your all crucial data and consists various sources of entertainments including MP3 player, HD camcorder, gaming device, Video Player, GPS device, web portal etc. It is known as a mini Computer which completely fits in the palm of hand. Since it stores all personal information, photos, contact lists, videos and many other data, so it is very necessary to protect phone.

As the popularity of Smartphone increase rapidly, so user need to protect themselves from intrusive spyware or malware. The malware scare on almost all Android phone and injects viruses. It is able to root any phone when it was installed on and provide total control to the remote hackers. If you are an android user and worried for the security of your phone then there is a good news for you. You can easily protect your Android phone from malware by taking some prevention tips. But before this, you have to know the intrusion method which is used by malware to intrudes into your Phone.

How Malware Intrudes Into Your Mobile Phone-

Malware usually sneaks into the user Phone secretly without asking for their Permission, It usages lots of deceptive and tricky algorithm to intrudes into the P)C but some of them are listed below:

  • Playing Online Games – Malware can intrudes into your Phone when you play online games from irrelevant links
  • Download any free stuffs – Whenever you download any free stuffs like videos, movies, images etc then it may possible that it enters into your Mobile
  • Update any software or application from un-trusted sources – Most of the web-pages provide facilities to update their software or application and user trap on their aim. The aim of the malware is to track your history or browsing activities for illegal means
  • File sharing over network – If you share any images, videos or files over the network like social sites then it may possible that it intrudes into your Android phone etc.

These all are the most common ways for the intrusion of malware into your Phone but you no need to be worry because by taking some prevention tips you can protect your Android phone from malware.

Malware niet alleen van invloed op Android, maar Windows telefoon ook, in het geval als u worden geconfronteerd of een vriend van je is hetzelfde geconfronteerd. Dan kunt u hier een bezoek aan een goede oplossing aanbeveling te krijgen – Eenvoudige Gids Te Verwijderen Virus

  1. Download Apps Only from Trusted Sources – To avoid the chance for the intrusion of malware, user need to download any apps only from the trusted sources or web-pages.
  2. Install OS Updates as Soon as They’re Available – Hackers always used malicious apps to attack on phones via vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities had usually patched into more recent versions of Operating System. User should install latest version of OS when they available because each new version closes holes that malware authors exploit.
  3. Protect Your Phone with a Password – Protecting phone with a password is a very simple method to protect phone against malware but yet, lots of user don’t do so. Locking is a simple step to ensure complete protection. This method can prevent almost all analog hacking process. Password must contain strong with various character and capitalized letter,.
  4. Don’t View Sensitive Information on Public Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is considered as one of the most beneficial features for Smartphone. But the problem arises when your Wi-Fi network is unsecured. User should not view their sensitive data on publicly Wi-Fi.
  5. Research apps before you download them – User should research apps before installing into phone. Just because app sounds fun and exciting, you should not installed it. You should compare similar apps and measures which one seems the most trustworthy. Apps are the most common ways for the intrusion of malware into your Phone, so take extra precautions while downloading any mobile apps.

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