Android Game Apps Keep Freezing – How to Get Rid of It

android freezeI love playing games on my mobile phone. I am addicted of playing games even when I get a couple of minutes from my busy schedule I just start playing games. From few days I am facing some problem, often my mobile gets freeze when i play games for long. At first I thought its would because of less battery backup but eventually I discovered that my game app even got freeze when their was abundant power supply. I could not understand why this was happening then and what I should do to avoid this freezing. Every time I need to restart my phone, it really annoys me a lot.

What Does Android Games Freezing Mean?

Freezing is a term used to demonstrate deadlock of any mobile. When any application stops while running and shows a blank window, or shows buffering sign or screen stops working temporarily and still the music or sound continues to play at the background, this situation is known to be the freezing of that application. Mainly, the game applications are more prone to this freezing problem. It is often seen that games app show the blank window, buffering symbols and even the screen stops to respond none of the menus or options work, even if you click them harder and harder, nothing on the screen works but still the background audio or sound of the application continues to play. It is quite annoying for the user as it is very inconvenient to do any work at that time. You can even not move to another app or make a call or receive any incoming calls. That phase of freezing makes the user worried a lot.

Why Does Freezing of Game Apps Occur?

There are many myth about the cause of freezing of game apps, some believe that if you use a particular band mobile phones you gonna face this issues a lot, some believe that it due to being the client of a particular service provider this issue occurs, others say some particular apps freezes a lot. No matter what people say there is always technical issues behind freezing of apps. You may be facing this problem if the game you are playing may require a high configured hardware and your mobile may not be sufficient to meet its demand. It is often seen that that game lovers want more and more advanced and better graphical featured game, a better featured game needs a good configuration device, it may that one version of the same game may successfully run on your phone but when you go for another version it may cause issues. Lack of memory also causes this issue, games require some sufficient amount of memory in ram as well as rom. If the ram is filled with junk files or other contents that may restrict the game to run and cause freezing. Even the battery life effects a lot, some games require more battery power while some may require less. Lack of memory leads to freezing of game apps.

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What is the Effect of Freezing of Game Apps in Mobile Phones?

There is no doubt in understanding that freezing of game apps results in degradation of the mobile phones. It may cause various applications to get corrupt or misbehave. Even same data loss may occur, tasks at the background may end without your notice. Contents getting downloaded may get removed itself, some apps may not launch properly or misbehave. Even sometime it may lead to complete spoiling of the mobile phone by getting corrupted completely.

How to Remove Freezing of Game Apps?

Its possible for one to get rid from freezing of game apps, all one need is to be a bit concerned. You must frequently look for all the applications that are installed on your mobile phones. Sometimes unwanted apps gets automatically installed in the mobile phones, these apps may be any harmful program such as a Trojan, Malware etc. which may be creating this issue. You must keep limited number of apps in your mobile phones, unused or unwanted apps should be frequently removed (uninstalled). More and more apps consume more memory due to which sufficient amount of memory might not be available resulting in freezing of apps. Also you must restrict the running apps at the background, as they not only kills memory but also consume battery. There are various apps available to clean the memory and boost the battery of the mobile phone. You must install and frequently run them to overcome the freezing issue of game apps. Listed here are some apps that are very beneficial to overcome these issues, Clean Master, RAM booster, Greenify, Super Touch etc.

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Clean Master is a very beneficial app. It goes a deep scan of the storage of mobiles and looks for all the un-useful stuffs such as junks, thumbnails, caches etc and removes them easily. It also has a Game Booster tool, which kills all the running apps and tasks before starting any game.

Greenify is known to be a hibernate app. This app kills all the apps running at the background and releases the memory and also saves the battery as it hibernates all the resource draining apps.

Super Touch improves the touchscreen performance of the mobile phones by improving the phone settings. It makes game and apps faster to run, also improves zooming, list scrolling and many more. All these improved functions are provided without rooting the mobile phone.

It is required to take care of the apps and tasks running on the mobile phones. You must not over exploit the hardware or software of the mobile. Freezing in not that issues which has got no removal, you can easily get rid of this all you need is to be a bit concerned.

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