BlueStacks Game Livestreaming In Collaboration with Twitch

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BlueStacks has extended its service by integrating with a live streaming site, Twitch. A BlueStacks is a mobile marketing automation company which always use a new technique for innovating the existing technology so that the next generation can also use it. It mainly innovate technology for the mobile, TV, and PC/Mac ecosystems. BlueStacks App Player enables the universe of Android games and apps to run fast and full screen on Windows and TV. BlueStacks has 130 million downloads to date for its App player. App Player is powered by BlueStacks’ patented Layered consumer virtualization technology. BlueStacks was founded in 2011, and it released its first version of the App Player in 2012. Now BlueStacks is a well known name in the field of computer software. BlueStacks has hired more than 100 employees and counting, with $30 million raised funding from all its investors including Intel, Andreessen Horowitz, Samsung and Qualcomm. Palo Alto, Calif. – based BlueStacks has also mentioned that all their system has been now upgraded with such capability that their users can easily stream mobile games and can also watch streaming of different mobile games inside the popular App player. This means that a user will be playing a PC version of a mobile game and streaming it with a Twitch. BlueStacks now has 130 million downloads to date for its App player user while twitch has more than 100 million monthly active users. On integration of both BlueStacks and Twitch introduces a application programming interface for their user.

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CEO of BlueStacks, Rosen Sharma in a statement said that the integration of both of these App is a natural combination, he also added that a mobile developers and publishers can gain large new distribution channel on these combination. This integration enables a BlueStacks mobile equivalent games on a Twitch platform, Twitch is actually a middle level role player in this App designing. Sharma also added that Mobile games like Castle Clash, Hearthstone, Vainglory etc. are already played by BlueStacks users, while others in these combination is just built as a bridge between our platforms. This combines the power of two huge user bases. Mark Zhang, a senior vice president at IGG or we may say a developer of popular game, castle clash said in a statement that although our game sound good on PC but streaming them from a phone was a complicated process and these become possible only with the collaboration of BlueStacks and Twitch.

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Advantages of BlueStacks Game Livestreaming:

  1. It focuses on simplicity with its broadcasting solution.
  2. It allows its audience to play bigger as it consist of millions of games under one roof.
  3. It saves user battery.

BlueStacks Android platform has over 1.5 million mobile app which allows its user to play more.

Introducing for the first time within such big screen section Castle Clash and other messaging Apps like Whatsapp etc are also being introduced at the same time. Sharing files from PC or Mac to your app is also possible suppose for an example using an Instagram account.

It is completely synced with internet as well, all options such as to download any app on it is also possible, it is the basic concept of BlueStacks to merge Windows OS or Mac OS X with seamless Android experience. A single desktop icon can now make applications and games live on your computer screen.

Milestones of BlueStacks:

  • April 2016 – BlueStacks has made it easy to stream mobile games in collaboration with Twitch.
  • December 2015 – BlueStacks hits a billion apps used per month and launches a new mobile platform.
  • July 2015 – BlueStacks emulators runs android apps on your Mac.
  • May 2015 – Whatsapp free download without SIM card using BlueStacks Android.

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