DroidDream Malware Infects over 50 Android Apps-Get Removal Help

Now a days, most of the people from teenagers to professionals uses android smartphones. With its growing popularity, it makes lots of daily basis tasks convenient. Even, its demands is growing with rapid speed. In fact, most interesting part is that, there are enormous apps are deployed by the developers with great ease. Its all are possible just because of open system and application database. Uncertainly, due to some common errors, accessing of these apps becomes difficult. So, here I am going tell you about the malware infection which occurs and doesn’t allow to download or update apps from Google Play Store.

Have you any idea why error message occurs?

Recently, it has been found that more than 50 applications on Google’s Android Market have been attacked with nasty malware called “DroidDream” that can compromise private data by taking control over the user’s device. It steals everything possibly it can such as product ID, model, provider, language, country, and userID. Even, you can’t imagine what the app does after it’s installed, and the possibilities are nearly endless.”
DroidDream contains malicious code which can “root” and take complete control of a user’s device, and send detailed information such as the phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) numbers and send them to remote servers.

How DroidDream Malware Infiltrates into the system?

DroidDream Malware spread through carelessly downloading email or instant messenger attachments and peer-to-peer files are very common issues responsible for it. Some trojans are so advanced that they can tap into an address book, email each person, and attach itself to the outgoing mail. These days generally files including audio, video, images etc are shared over network. So, it is said that it is transferred through networks, especially ones that don’t have effective firewall or anti-virus protection. While surfing Internet, you should think before clicking and opening any unknown site. From there, thieves can remotely download client credit card information. Therefore, you should careful while handling these vigorous stuffs.

Possible Error caused by DroidDream Malware:

It hits Windows registry and changes the start-up settings.
Error messages while downloading and updating apps and games.
It makes your PC performance slow down.
It can open up system backdoors for other malware infections and hackers.
It monitors your personal activities and steal your computer privacy.

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