Entrepreneur Flash : Built An iOS Game With Million Downloads

Now doubts, sometime quiting job really help. You will learn this in just few minutes after reading this article when I will tell you about it that a guy who quit his corporate job to build an iOS Game that became number one in the App store and the rest you can imagine yourself if you just had an iOS game with million downloads. It would be like dream come true for any tech person, but it was not like a one day story or you can say it didn’t took over night for the person to do this. The statics I saw over the internet which I found over a reputed social site known as Reddit has been reading like a viral post which keep hold the breath of several young entrepreneurs and all they were looking for the answer for “How he dis it?”. Seriously it can be a really more tough than time of your career when you are about to provide a service to people for free or without any back-end support (like advertisements etc). Check Out A Dark Room Here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-dark-room/id736683061?mt=8

Well readers, the person is also writing a book (What! Seriously?). Yes, it is a real news and have been available at an online website here: - https://leanpub.com/survivingtheappstore

The author also announced that 10% of the book income goes for the charity for such type of kids who want to learn code/coding. This is really such a great news for this time.

Ok, coming back on topic the initial idea was named as A Dark Room has been on the top of the App Store that even there was an article written upon it. It was because in so less time just by a single man this iOS game with million downloads grabbed so much popularity you really cannot imagine.

Some of the statistics are mentioned down here which described the popularity of this game-

  • It was at No. 1 spot for 18 days in a row in US.
  • Out of all ratings 94% was 5-stars (this is really outstanding).
  • 2.26 million downloads within 2 years made this game a successful app.
  • Positive Reviews by Touch Arcade and Cult of Mac

Another good thing or may be lucky (I must guess it is), was that A Dark Room went viral in UK and US both. Which was a “Free to Play App” and as you read above as well, it was like 20 days overall on the top spot with no marketing and feature promoting from Apple at all.

Image Credit : Imgur.com

Coming Up with another game the next year the author described that it was like, what to do now? Then an idea strikes him with releasing a prequel to A Dark Room which called “The Ensign”. This was really exciting for me because he loved all the traversed dusty path and had also made it bit difficult for all stages to experience something really new.

Well, our young entrepreneur is working on a new game which will be soon released, but a demo version of this game is already online. The publisher want to share his next idea and also want to get some reviews about it (I think so). Working over that app, he describes that after a few months of free download it has now become an app for pay.

He also described a lot about how to get featured in Apple Store and lots of things any developer must Do’s and Dont’s as well. You can get more info below- https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/comments/4f74dv/quit_my_full_time_corporate_job_built_an_ios_game

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