GIF File Recovery : Solution To Recover Gif Files From Virus Attack

GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format ), the one trending image format, which seem to be Moving image. It’s now a day trending all over the social network site, everyone is sharing their day to day “moods” via GIF image. Well there is lot more interesting fact about the GIF image. The GIF images contains numbers of frames which move to give a animated image or called it to give you “Moving Images”. Hence the rapid growing demand of GIF image can also lead them for corruption. And it’s been seen that numbers of Spyware/Malware have the reason of the Corrupt GIF images. The corrupt files is hard to open whether it’s GIF or other files format.

In this case only GIF recovery software will be helpful. Talking about about Spyware / Malware it’s now very common that someone’s device or system get infected with it and corrupt all the files including GIF. Also note that some cyber hacker use GIF image to spread harmful code to the system. This is now became a trick to infect any device with GIF files. However here we are talking about the Malware / Spyware Corrupt GIF Files and the possibility for GIF repair.

The GIF is now using to share the feelings, day to day mood’s. In this way what if the GIF files get corrupted, what is the option to make it recover. It’s not hard for anyone to recover corrupted GIF images. The GIF image is used in both Windows and Mac. And it’s been prove that the Malware / Spyware attack is not far away from both the OS. Maximum user have complaint that their system is infected with some threat due to which many files get corrupted. Not only the threat is responsible for corrupting the GIF files, well in case interruption while downloading GIF image can also corrupt it. Which is why you must need to to learn some tricks for corrupted gif recovery in Windows and Mac.

GIF File Recovery Software: User Guide For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Following steps will help you in GIF recovery from the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. So you need to follow it carefully…. :

Step 1 : After being install on the system, you need to open it. Once the tool will open it will look like this….

Step 2 : As you can see on tool there is three option provided

  1. Recover Photo, Audio & Video
  2. Create Image
  3. Resume Images

Well you have to only focus on GIF recovery, so click on the first option which is Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Step 3 : It will open a new section where you need to chose the location or path from where you want to recover the corrupted GIF. Well if you have any removal drive that you must click on “Refresh Drive” to let the tool detect it.

Step 4 : Once you select the drive you must choose the file type which you want to recover. For this you have to select “Advanced Scan” option.

Step 5 : This will open a list of deleted and corrupted files on the particular drive, now you have to only select the files and click on “Scan Now” option.

Step 6 : This will start scanning the selected drive, which will take few minutes. After that the a Recover page will appear where all the list is available. Here you need to press the “Recover” button.

Step 7: Finally, the recovery will get started and being saved to set path. Now it’s upon you that you select single files to get recover or whole deleted files. This will take time so have patience.

GIF File Recovery : User Guide For MacOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6)

Step 1 : After installing the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software successfully, you will see a Interface where you have to Select the option of “Recover Photo, Audio & Video”

Step 2 : On the next panel you will need to select the drive from your you want to recover, and then click the “Advance Scan”. This option will allow you select all file format for recovery Photo, Audio And Video. Once it is done click to “Scan Now” option.

Step 3 : A preview panel will be appear where the Drive is in Scan mode. This will scan the whole selected drive. It will take some time.

Step 4 : When the Scan is completed, a list will appear of all corrupted and deleted files. Here you can choose the whole files or recover it one by one. For this you have to click on the “Recover”