Google Play Store Error 911: Easy Way To Fix “APPS Could Not Be Downloaded Due To An Error 911”

Android phone is considered as one of the most popular operating system’s Phone which is used worldwide by a significant number of users. While downloading or updating a game or an application, lots of android users may encounter with Google Play Store Error 919. It is a new error which is reported by lots of android users recently which does not allows user to download or update their corresponding application. As soon as their download or update app becomes full upto 100% and while installing it on your phone, this error will occurs by stating that Apps could not be Downloaded due to an Error code 911. If you are one of them who pissed with error 919 in Google Play Store then no need to panic anymore because there is a way through which you can overcome from this error message which are completely described below.

Before going for any other fix steps, First of all you have to check whether your phone memory is full or not. When you download an application from Google Play Store, the app is not saved on your phone. Rather, it is first downloaded on your Phone Memory. Whenever your phone memory is full, it may cause Google Play Store Error 919. If you do not have free storage then you need to delete some files or apps from your phone. Besides this, there are various other method to fix error 911.

Method 1: Clear the Google Play store data
: It is a first method to fix this error message. To clear your cache memory follow the procedures:
Go to Settings
Choose Apps or Application Manager.

Open “All” tab

From the list of “All” apps, scroll down and Choose Play Store option
Now choose Force stop, Clear cache and Clear data

Method 2: If you are using a network connection “wifi” and it requires login details of webpage, then your authentication to access has probably expired. You should log in to the APN again with the help of your android browser. Open Google Play store and run the app update again . In order to change your APN settings, you need to follow the steps which are as follows:

Go to Menu and Tap on Settings icon.

Hit on Wireless and Networks option.

Now choose Mobile Networks option.

Lastly Choose Access Point Names to change it.

Method 3: Instead of wi-fi, you need to use your mobile network to fix this type of error message. First of all turn wi-fi off and then on your data. Now open Google Play Store and download/update your apps or games. This method is only suitable for those apps and games that are small in sized. In order to save data charge for large updates, you should use your wifi network. To turn off Wi-Fi network and enable the mobile network, follow the steps which are mentioned below:

First of all turn off Wi-Fi network.

Now go to Settings. And choose Data Network.

Fix Google Play Store Error 911

With the use of any method which described above, you can easily fix error 911. So use anyone and fix Google Play Store Error 911.

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