Harmful Malware Detected Which Steal Online Banking Details and Thwarts Text Authentication

psswrdAn Android phone is basically a smart phone running on Google’s open-source Android operating system. It most usually comes installed on a variety of smart phones from a host of manufacturers providing the users with access to Google’s own services such as Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail etc. In Android based smart phones there are around hundreds of apps and games available to download from the Google Play store. These apps enables the individuals to enhance the functionality of the gadget on huge extent. Though most of the times users download several apps from Google play store provided by the phone itself but sometimes they download and install some apps randomly from anywhere. This leads to the invasion of harmful malwares in the Android device as some malware developers embed the malicious links on these programs and when the users download them, it execute it’s malevolent programming code and infects the mobile severely. One such malware has been recently discovered by ESET security systems. This sophisticated virus infects the Android users and sniff the password details. Along with that it even thwart two-factor authentication.

Researches shows that this virus has been especially developed to target the mobile banking apps. It on achieving complete invasion inside the mobile phone presents victims with a fake version of the login screen at the time when they access their legitimate banking application. Actually because of the infiltration of this infection, when the customers login they unwittingly met with the fake page in order to input their passwords. Then after that the developer of the virus/malware becomes capable to steal their highly confidential details and access the account remotely to withdraw the money out. Additionally the malware also intercepts verification text message transfered to the device, enabling them to thwart the efficient security measures put in place by the banks.

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The malware is believed to be capable of attacking the customers of various banks such as Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, ANZ. This threat get hide on the individual’s device until they make usage of the banking app. It has been designed in such a manner that it can very easily target multiple banks at distinct geographical locations at the same instant of time. It has been found that most probably it propagates itself as an imitation of the Flash Player video application which is either installed from an infectious website or through a predatory text message. Once installed, the bogus app urges for device administrator rights. In a case if granted by the users, checks that whether any target banking applications are installed on the device or not. If yes, then receives the fake login screen for each and every banking app on the phone, and appears the next time the users logs in.

Virus/Malware attack like this has been labeled as “spearfishing attack”. They have also been considered an extension of the weakness of the android platform. So, in a case if you are one of the Android users using banking apps on your device then it it very important to ensure that you do have a malware protection software or program installed in your device. But if not do have security software in your device and the device have been infected with such sort of malware then an urgent removal of malware is required. Regarding that purpose it is advised to eliminate it from the device by firstly decommissioning administrator rights for the apps by going to Settings > Security > Device administrators > Flash Player > Deactivate.

It is hoped that the above description on “spearfishing attack” and on how to get rid of it will surely work as it has scripted considering a normal Android user.

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