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ios-games-ownGames are the recreational activities which we human always love to play,some times as a time pass and for some time to increase our score. But we know that we human beings get bored very early with anything we are using regularly. So there must be a time to launch new games at every interval. Apple is one well known brand in the market,it has various features associated with it and game is one among them. Apple uses its own developed operating system, iOS since 2007. iOS is a more popular platform among the mobile developer than Android. Apple’s success is a result of bigger revenues for developers creating, iOS games. Every time a user wanted a new game to be played so now this is the time for the release of new games by Apple. we want to shine a spotlight on those games fighting the good fight.


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This game is a combination of both the Chinese calligraphy and the ancient martial art. The Swords game is basically the answer to the question that what would happen if the user take the fruit ninja, bundled it into time machine and transport it back to the china. This game is not superficial as Halfbrick’s classic melon-slasher, The swords is all about measuring your reaction and not your patience. This game tells the tale of a sword master quest for control and understanding. The game is divided into different levels and each level throw lights on a different style of sword playing. The story is all about the incidents which was done in past and deals with how master blade wielder finds his way through the world. The different styles of sword play keeps the entire game live and adds a life to this game that the one cannot closes his eyes and swiping manically on the screen isn’t going to get you very far at all. It has a lot of fun, the user always see the next player to whom they can throw. It is always good to play different game every time, even if the foundation is the same previous game, that is what THE SWORDS does. The only point to keep in mind is that, that the entire game is not long enough to be tolerate, but you’ll enjoy the time you spend with it.


_PRISM Teaser from Clint Siu on Vimeo.

This game, challenges players to manipulate shapes to reveal the powerful cores with them. This game consists of multiple levels. In each level of Prism, players are presented with a shape and a variety of prompts which may ask them to drag dots along the given line and to match patterns on the shape, and so on. Players must modify each shape by dragging their finger on the screen to find prompts and make scores, the puzzles get more complex you cover the higher step and the main goal is to explore the object to find its bright, shiny center (which in turn unlocks more puzzles to solve). At each step players complete a prompt, and it changes to some shape, the shape thus formed are removed from the prompt. Eventually, players’ actions will reveal the core of the object, which releases its power into a more giant shape and then back to their level, and then splits into groups, revolving around these larger shapes. Altogether this game consists of 13 levels and require approximately one hour to complete the game.


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A first concept for the title Drei was released on iOS in 2013, and Dreii is an expanded version of it, designed by a mad Swiss with a special liking for the abstract. This is a simple game , each challenge involves a goal and some shapes. you have to tap a shape to expand the shape, you have to build a tower of different sizes of different shaped blocks. Players need to take one of the 3D shapes and place it on either a designated spot on a virtual floor or in a hole, the main work to be done actually resides over here, the challenges is to figure out how to actually stack squares, triangles, and circles to growing points then it is considered to be job done then go ahead to do a new job. It is a simple game but moving ahead in game make you come across a hectic or rigorous phase, Frequently you’ll hit a puzzle that’s essentially impossible to complete by yourself – and therein lies Dreii’s masterstroke. As with the original game, you’ll secretly connected with the other online players. Together, you have to beat the levels by combining the various shapes of different sizes up to a certain height without them toppling.

Tomb Of The Mask

It is a pixel art game. Tomb Of The Mask is a new and very interesting game that gives you a mask, and lets you go up. You move your cursor in any direction to move your character, and your goal is to maneuver through the sprawling tomb maze to get away from the problem which are rising from downward to upward, all kinds of hurdles as you make your way upwards including bat, spider and many more hurdles. This game has taken clues from many previous game but has its own individual stand right now in terms of its adventure and goal. There are dots to collect scattered through the passage. The fresh challenge arises from as you move ahead , You can move along the path in any direction, but it is seen generally that the giant tomb walls lend itself towards a specified path to rise through. The tomb rises vertically endlessly, but it also provide some alternative ideas or passage to cope up with these hurdles. There are a ton of obstacles as you move up with many requiring proper timing to get it. Past them, but you always need to stay ahead of the energy rising below you. The higher the speed, higher will be its score and higher will be your rank. It has the facility that provides you a second chance if you loose the first one, thus it makes player happy that they have another chance also. The game also features a leveling up system that increaser your score multiplier to let you increase your score simply by playing again and again.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1

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This is an adventurous game. The game focuses on the “the past untold journey” of Michonne, an iconic character who was very frightened from the ill things of her past and trying to cope up with the unimaginable loss and regret, and trying to overcome from his bad experience in the past, first episode, titled “In Too Deep”. The character of the series i.e Michonne is brutal and cold on the outside, but deep beneath, she remains hopeful, trying to overcome from the situation that had made her brutal . The main aim of this game is to bring the world of comics and the world of telltale together. The decision made by the character always influence the flow of the story. In the first episode, Michonne joins Pete and his crew and companion on the ship when they are cruising the coast for their survivors and supplies. When a desperate signal for help draws her attention which have the scene of horrific massacre the main character and the crew are lead further to the floating survivors colony which may just be harboring the person for the carnage. “In many ways, Michonne herself is a reflection of the world of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Download The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1 for iOS


It is a modified classic memory game, that challenges your mind and some times your hand and as well as your speed. It is simple to learn and is very challenging, playing this game has a lot of fun. Its color,design pattern and sparse makes it very attractive. It is very simple and small game consists of 120 level, you are presented with up to six circles, each having different color and with a different sound.

For the first turn, a sequence of two lights will light up and it’s your job to repeat that sequence. For each turn, an additional light is added to the sequence. You simply continue playing until you make a mistake. There are three different weapons you can use against your opponents: Lightning, which speeds up the playback, Twirl, which will rotate the circles after playback, and Blackout, which removes sound and color from the circles. As you started to play the game, whether it’s alone or against an opponent you earn coins that can be used to purchase weapons and chances. You can also buy coins with real money as In-app purchases.

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