Mobile Game App Freeze & Data Loss – Related Points With Solutions

Before starting the discussion to the point, I would like to gather your focus to this one very important thing. Close your eyes and just imagine you are on the peak of any level of your favorite mobile game app and after that you are not able to make this possible to make your move for victory of that level within the game because your mobile game app freeze for infinity. Waiting often so that may be for once the game could get restarted again and sometimes you put your phone in idle mode, you even don’t touch it in a hope that may be it could work again. But it is very common for all that such kind of apps freezing issues are unable to restore themselves unless you restart your device or reset the respective game/app.

A user’s issue with latest Marshmallow -

In certain kind of scenarios there are tons of threads over the discussion forums of several games and apps as well, all of them reporting that they had faced game freeze or crash over their hand-held devices often and most of the time they need to restart it as nothing can be done without resetting that app or rebooting the device.

It would be very convincing for you all, if you read tis real life example from a regular reader of ours

According to him his Android mobile was freezing regularly specially when he plays any game, while writing this to the brand forum it replied that there must some issues with the hardware that game requires but when he checked for the same then it was enough to launch the game (the hardware). It also said that he must clear his background services (if any running). It also referred that if you had the same problem which is related to a unique developer (means all the game that freeze are related to a specific developer), then it could be a bad code issue (may be that’s true, who knows).

Certain type of queries are flooded over internet, just like this one -

Switching to the lowest setting mode for the game can help a little but sometimes this won’t work if your device get crashed each and every time when you access the mobile game you need to follow some time basic points which are mentioned below here.

Starting With the Initial Steps:

  1. Check for the hardware requirements of that game/app, because it is very important. Also check for related drivers, sometimes these are required in games when instructed.
  2. Disable or close all unwanted gaming apps of your device along with background apps running on your device.
  3. Updating game/app with available version is most important.
  4. Update your OS version as well, if needed for the same/app.

It is very important to follow these steps so that, user can easily make this possible to save his device from any freeze consequences. In case if your device face data loss issues then you can check this space for all type of SD card recovery –

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