New Game Download Deleted All Quality MP4 Video Files on Device

video-recoveryWell, I am writing this on behalf of my intelligent friend who wrote me about it and I replied him with a solution that worked for him (Thank god, It worked!). Actually the situation was nothing but he lost all his video files on SD card which were saved on his Android phone. Well, I am not 100% sure about it but if your internet slows a little bit down, you must not access the Play Store app. In other words downloading anything in slow internet can be brutal sometimes for the health of your phone’s data. It happened this weekend when my friend was going crazy to download a mobile game and it was like “I will not get downloaded today”. Well, it is hilarious but it was not a statement literally.
android-recoveryOK, leaving jokes apart the issue was not the game or the play store it was the slow internet that was not working that time for good and if you mess with gadgets in slow internet it can reverse with many consequences. I don’t know how but as my friends elaborated to me the android mobile game he was trying was a bit larger than common ones (suppose to be about 1GB of downloading data) which was facing glitches of slow internet and by my opinion it was also of low phone memory of his phone. So he transferred the files to SD card and also tried to download over SD card (trust me I don’t know which setting it was).
Ultimately the scenario ended with SD card formating scene, it seems like when the Play Store found there is not enough memory on the device it asked to format it. So, after a confirmation of formatting the device and all its contents the device down the same. But in that very situation user (my intelligent friend) forgot that there are items saved on his device. So, now he is running more crazier and going for searching on everything available for video file recovery.

recover-iphoneActually to recover any video file, these days video file recovery tools are very popular such as, MP4 file recovery, MOV file recovery etc. the point is that all you need is to get the software from a genuine place (just like 1 suggested above here.) and after that you are no more away from your lost video files. Such type of video file recovery software are capable of restoring all type of lots media file types in which Images, Audio, Video etc. file types are included as well. Most of them supports all camera, smartphone file type format, in short you will get you lost data for sure, no matter what is the reason. All you have to do is just not operate the device for any type of file transfer after your data got deleted from it, this was the first rule and the second one is to download an authentic video recovery tool from site so that you can get back your lost video memories back within few minutes. The tool will work for both Windows and Mac system users and it also has instructions on how to operate the software etc.

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