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Within Windows 10 games evolution, Windows 10 Mobile operating system has been recently introduced in which all users have their updated the newly featured mobile OS that has been upgraded for several kind of new features and new within the old ones. Updated with Windows 10 OS for PC has been now included to Windows mobile phones as well. This was launched as a Technical preview for the release in mid February 2015, in which it was only built in with few range of Lumia mobile phones such as Lumia 635, Lumia 730 & Lumia 830 as well. But the company has not integrated complete range of Lumia phones with the new release of Windows mobile phone OS.

Microsoft has announced a lot for both consecutive releases of their Windows 10 PC operating system and Windows 10 mobile phone operating system. In which the company has tried to merge and make it truly compatible for both PC and mobile OS along with every single Windows 10 PC OS features. This includes all type of Windows PC, mobile and tablets as well that will share several type of similar features just same as the desktop or laptop version of Windows 10 games. This new version is loaded with lots of features which has same UI elements, Menu, Settings, Kernel and Cortana as well. All those smartphones with Windows launched newly will also have desktop-like experience with the same OS when user will plug it with an external monitor support type of display.

Here we are also suggesting several other points like latest Windows Mobile Apps and latest Windows Mobile Games as well. The very first one coming in the row is, the –

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CAN KNOCKDOWN 3 – Stating about it, is a Windows Phone Game which is built to deliver classic gaming experience to all. It has been designed to knock cans in the game with the help of a baseball from the other end, throwing at them and when it strikes good it knock all the cans. The recent version of this game have around sixty levels to play for free, after that through in-app purchase user can get for $1.99 user will get additional of hundred levels.

The level of CAN KNOCKDOWN 3 Windows mobile game has very good range of troubles that will require the user to put some extra mind effort within all levels. The metal cans stacked upon one another will allow you to break them (in both free and purchased versions) which are hidden sometimes behind swinging objects, balanced on pedestals or stacked just on ledges. Basically sometimes these levels offer to knock the cans with 3 baseballs, but if you ground good performance some levels are loaded with bonus will let you earn more points or hits as well.


The official website of CAN KNOCKDOWN 3 says that- “Challenge your aim, hone your precision, and push your puzzle-solving skills to the next level in this insanely addictive game. This installment takes the critically acclaimed Can Knockdown series to all new heights the physics-based carnival gameplay you know and love and adds unique puzzles, adrenaline-charged challenges, and even more explosive action!”


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Domino’s Pizza – Now, who doesn’t love Domino’s Pizza? This foodilicious app is taking all care of the new Windows 10 mobile phone users and had updated itself for the most first in its competition. Most of the time the app will remind yo that how much easy is this to order a pizza from your phone or from your desktop as well. You can easily order place an order of Domino’s pizza with the help of this app so easily while relaxing on your sofa or walking one place to another or just like anytime where you just need a data connection activated for it. You can also download Domino’s Pizza App from Here for Windows Phone.

However its still a way easier to place and pizza order with a call as well, but the menu appearance and other facilities within app will let select your pizza like you are making it at home. The tracker within this app will automatically track you the nearest local Domino’s pizza so that without any hassle you can easily get your ordered pizza within time Following the app will also gives you a track of your ordered item until it is ready for delivery or pickup any of them.

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Evo Explores – Another within the list of best Windows Phone Store Games, Evo Explored will let you solve different puzzles which is mixed with a huge collection of mind-bending puzzle which is told to be inspired from another Windows Phone Game known as Monument Valley. The main stream story of this game is to play the role of Evo in the game, who will hold the responsibility to explore more and more of the Byte Planet where player need to control the navigation of Evo who passes through 3D puzzle games that will appear like blocked or kind of disconnected for Evo to move forward but you need to manipulate the design and move Evo to reach the exit pint for that level.

Few levels can offer more puzzles to solve, while other puzzle-solving apps can be really costly this Evo will only come in handy for just $1.99 which is in-app purchase.

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Notiny – This app was recorded as one of the most used apps which is available for both Windows 10 PC and mobile as well. It is a kind of note-taking app which really have awesome kind of features which includes the ability to create your notes with the help of voice converted to text, conversion of document’s photos into text and recording voice notes as well. This app also have ability to relate with Cortana and read your saved notes, all those notes can be easily get synced between all Windows 10 games devices very easily. Password protection for Notiny has been also included within it so that user must not get visible to those notes which are private, although Notification & Live Tile feature is also available for it so that you can get support from the app when you want to get reminded.

Notiny is a kind of free but ad-supported app which is currently available for both Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 games for mobile as well, to get rid of the advertisements from the app all you need to make an in-app donation to the developer of $0.99 only.

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Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition – One of the finest game developed and modified specially for Windows 10 is the Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition. This has multiple type of modified pinball tables for your Windows PC that have extremely well designed graphics that has good representation of each brand in perfectly well order. The design of the table has ultimately to challenge the player to test the pinball playing skills. Talking out of the interface and features it have one table design which is called “The Sorcerers’ Table”, this new edition is an Xbox gaming title which available with additional boards selection in-app purchase. The extra themed tables are ranged with Star Wars & Marvel Superhero etc. with a cost of $2.99. However the game is already a challenging game but to choose different table for playing will increase the level of difficulties that will also get connected with those friends of your as well, who are playing it over Xbox etc. so that you can who is scoring more and you can compete with them as well.

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