How To Recover/Retrieve Lost Images from Windows Phone

When I was deleting some unwanted pictures from my Windows Phone, I accidentally deleted some of my family photographs. Is there any way to get back my all deleted photos as it matters lot for me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

How To Recover Windows Phone -

windowsrecoverytoolWe all knows that mobile phones plays an important role in human life these days. Today with the advancement in technology the upcoming versions of mobile phones are lashed with updated invention in the field of technology. Now use of camera phones are being used by rare people because in spite of taking camera or camcorder with them they take their mobile phones along with them which has all the facility of capturing photos as well as taking a videos. But at some times when our memorable photos gets deleted from our phone it arose a hectic situation for us. And we try all measures to get back all our photos and videos. This problem is also being shortened by the newly designed Windows mobile phone developed by Microsoft, a well known name in the field of technology.

Windows phone is developed by Microsoft that offers mobile users new choice. Windows phones are one of the best-selling smart phones. After Windows Mobile OS, Microsoft has developed Windows phone 7, Windows phone 8, and now it came up with Windows phone 8.1 which has been released recently. Both Windows phone 8 and Windows phone 7 (as well as Windows mobile phone) are good data phone which stores photos, videos and other files in large number. However, mistakes like accident delete, or format of Windows phone may causes files to be lost. It is now the history that mobile market are being dominated from Android by Google or iOS by Apple. Now the Microsoft has also entered in the mobile market with his newly designed and full of technology mobile phones with its new version every year.

When Windows phone photos video files are deleted, or when you format the windows phone, the raw data of those deleted files are not wiped on Windows phone. Instead, Windows phone will only mark those space as free so it can be used for new files insertion. This makes it possible to recover deleted photo video music document files on Windows phone.

Steps To Recover Photos From Windows Phone

Step 1 : Connect Your Windows Phone with the Computer
Connect your Windows Phone either directly to the computer via digital cable or take out the micro SD card from the phone and connect it with a card reader. Both situation will work. Just make sure it can be detected and appear as a drive letter. Then run the program and begin to “Start” Windows phone recovery.

Step 2 : Scan Deleted Photos on your Windows Phone
Here, your phone or the SD card will be detected and scanned. Then choose and click on “Scan” to find deleted photos from the phone. You can also refine the scan result by using the “Filter Options”, to recover only those photos that you need.

Step 3 : Preview and Recover Deleted Pictures in Windows Phone
When the scan stops, you can preview all the photos here before recovery to check the quality. Then mark those you want and click “Recover” to save them on your computer with one click. Now preview your photos to visualize it.

Chec Out Som Really Important Stuff for Windows Phone Recovery

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