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In the present time all of us are depended on smartphones and to use such effective smartphones all of us need different kind of applications. To get such relative apps all of us either download or share these applications sometimes from non-reliable sources which are not suggested by the brands most of the times. Hardly such kind of actions are done when you want to get any paid app for free or such kind of apps which are not available on Play Store. Most of the Android mobile protection get voiles when user installs any prohibited app or perform any action that violates the terms and conditions of Google.

Most of the time when these Apps are used other than any reliable source there is a chance that such type of Apps could hamper the phone and proves itself to be potentially harmful and malicious for your phone. Lets brief you down here that why are some popular or very popular apps still not available in Google Play Store!

Experts say that there could be many reasons but most of the time, these following are the most important ones:

  1. If the App Contains Virus – If you have ever seen that “withheld due to security issues” is pointed over any app then that app will not go live on web. There are tons of Apps which are coded with malwares and spywares so that they can easily get inside your smartphone and hack your personal information as well.
  2. Breaking Google’s Policy, Terms and Conditions – Most of the time for Android mobile protection, if any app is not live on Play Store then it might be the issue of not following Google’s policies. Google is really tough on its policies thats why any app offering free download of YouTube. Sometimes few Apps also offer to download paid Apps for free so it do not get live on web as well. (Check this space for some Google’s Play Store Policies
  3. Unwanted Kind of Permissions – Using any non-reliable app will always seek for unnecessary permissions on your mobile, sometimes which are really hard to manage because such kind of access are really of high risk which can take sensitive information away from user.

Several Risk Concerned When You Download Unknown App

  • If you are downloading any app for your smartphone from unknown source then, you must consider it for 1 more time. There are several risks when downloading and installing such kind of Apps to your phone. Once these have the access of your phone then can loose some or many functions on your device.
  • Another most sensitive cause can be experienced when the unknown sourced app will start to send anonymous information to the developer who is behind that app and all this happens without user consent.
  • Most of the time some Apps do have a location tracker which is said to be particularly defined for some special feature as they say. But just imagine what why it would get a location signal when you are not in need of it. Such kind of location access is a red signal for user.

How to Protect Your Phone from Spam Apps and Malwares?

This is really a big question for Android mobile protection, which is tend to focus all your attention as well when you are readin this page. This is very important that you put on checking seriously over some Antivirus app, such type of app really helps user as they at least notify to user which other app is working fine and which one is spying. But there is an issue also within it, sometimes these security app cannot track those apps down who already have special codes loaded within them that contain exploit code bypassing device security.

Google Security Add-on – Well literally its not an add-on its an app which is available for all the users, most of the time when any user is trying to download any app from non-reliable sources (in which sometimes they have been brought into) then you can easily skip those when the security features prompts you with unwanted kind of access as well. Most of the time these options are checked and appear as “scan and verify apps” as a pop-up message. You can also check it with the help of Google settings. You can open it with both app and settings option as well. (But its better if you have Google settings app)

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If you are able to find any option like “scan apps for security threats” and “improve harmful app detection”. Then you need to check these boxes for security reasons.

It is also very important that you should have enabled data connection while you check for these options. It is also very important that you must have an enabled connection when you install any app so that Google can check for you easily.

And Its Done! You are now protected online, but all you need to do is to stay protected.

You can also protect your mobile files with the help of security and safety programs available to scan your system. Try It Yourself.

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