Smartphone Security Flaws can Lead to Data Loss

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Are you aware of all kind of hidden dangerous flaws of a smartphone? None of us want anyone to snoop through our smartphone and sniff any data we have stored on phone. There is like no second phone, when it comes to save or secure the data of your phone. Previously it was the computer system, which still is, but smartphones are now the basic need of present generation and all other people who can achieve or access all their important services through their smartphones. Although there have been too many updates which already made this possible to make a smartphone achieve a different level in the history but still several security flaws are yet to be solved by the manufactures/developers.

Well, just reading like that you don’t need to panic at all. While everyone is using a smartphone that doesn’t mean everyone will become a victim. It will be much better to get information about all these type of security flaws and be a proactive so that you will not be the next one who cannot keep his device protected. Here we will take a look on all such flaws focused specially for smartphones:

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Communication Flaws : With the help of Internet evolution in the last few decades, it was a real achievement for the human beings which also gained lots of popularity as well. It was also true the so many bad and good things as well came out with the use of Internet. But, experts say that there is a downside of being online 24/7 over the global network. There was a time in which people used to carry several type of physical medium for the transfer of data, but nowadays such type of data is transferred by air and retrieved flawless as well. That’s why it is very important to trust only those data transfer mediums which provide data encryption and other kind of secure techniques as well.

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Smartphone Virus : There are several type of myths around the globe depended upon every phone based operating system, that only Windows Phone users need to be worry about those viruses which are built for smartphones. But rest of them should know that, it is not a time to make joke upon others and start to protect your smartphones from different viruses. Each kind of phone OS is now at risk and it can easily make this possible to invade within your phone and get all the data extracted from such kind of device which is not able to protect itself. Even the most secured iOS had been listed with 200 vulnerabilities.

Its a common thing, that doesn’t mean its a cheap shot at Apple, all smartphones do have their own ecosystems and related problems as well.

Built-In Issues : Last year Apple spotted with its own security flaw and lots of people came to know that, there is iOS security backdoor. There was a news that Apple, knowingly left a security breach, so that it can easily make this possible to pull any type of encrypted data from any iOS device. The most surprising part was that, when asked Apple confirmed that the backdoor is existing.

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So, it is very important to know that how many back-doors your phone have? Most of the time its he Apps that make such kind of activity to deal with it because ultimately user provide complete access and permission to them. So choose wisely.

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