Sony AVCHD Recovery Software: How to Recover Lost AVCHD Files

I own a Sony Handy Cam HDR-XR200V Camcorder. Indeed, using it, I shoot AVCHD footages and make use of Sony Picture Browser Tool to transfer them to my PC. I often delete footages/video files from my Camcorder after transferring them to may computer hard drive. Few days before, my system hard disk (where I had stored AVCHD videos and other important files) got crashed due to some unverified reason. Somehow, I rectified hard disk issue but failed to retrieve AVCHD videos. Unluckily, I have deleted these Sony AVCHD videos from my Camcorder, the videos are no longer available. Hence, I’m searching for Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software that could help me to retrieve my lost AVCHD footage files.

What Exactly are AVCHD Videos?

Advanced Video Coding High Definition, in short AVCHD, is a video file format developed by Sony Inc and Panasonic to shoot High Definition videos in a compression form that is surely suitable for memory card on Sony Camcorders. It means you can store large videos in small memory cards. Nowadays, AVCHD video format is indeed compatible with other Camcorders which includes Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon etc.

Possible Reasons Behind AVCHD Video Files (Data) Loss

  • Certain Malware attack s and Memory Crash,
  • Unexpected Camcorder malfunction ,
  • By mistake clicking on “Delete All” option from camcorder ,
  • Formatting camcorder to fix errors when it is connected to computer,
  • Performing factory reset without creating backup of AVCHD videos,
  • Suddenly, Switching off camcorder during videos read and write process ,
  • Due to using Memory card of camcorder used in different cameras or on different operating systems which are not supported,
  • Ejecting Sony Camcorder while AVCHD files transferring process ,
  • File system corruption and so many other accidental reasons.

How to Recover Sony AVCHD Files Which are Lost Due to Hard Disk Crash or Camcorder Malfunction?

To recover your Sony AVCHD Files safely, you got no other option rather than using Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software. If you wish to try some other alternative methods which might create few other troubles and make data recovery more difficult. Hence, experts recommend to use Sony AVCHD Recovery Software for lost footage recovery.

Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software User Manuals For Windows Users

Step 1: Download and install the Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software. Launch it and click on Data Recovery tab and then click Scan button in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Now you see pop up Window, showing the list of all the medias attached to the affected System. Select the media from the data is to be recovered and click on the Advance scan button /scan button.

Step 3: Advanced scan button always saves the time of scan and recovery. Here you can select the format of the lost files from the list.

Step 4: Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software takes few minutes to complete scanning process. By paying close attention, you can see the status the scanning process.

Step 5: Following successful scanning, the preview of the lost Sony AVCHD files will be shown on the the same window. Click on the Recover button and specify the destination where you want to save the recovered Sony AVCHD files and then tap on OK button to continue.

Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software User Manuals For Mac Users:

Step 1: First, install Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software onto your Mac PC then open it and go to Data Recovery Tab and click Start Scan button.

Step 2: A new window will appear now where all of your drives/volumes will be listed. Now you need to select the drive/volume where lost AVCHD files were saved and click Advanced Scan button.

Step 3: In Advanced Scan, the list of file formats will be shown, there you need to select Sony AVCHD format and then click Scan button to move toward next step.

Step 4: Next, what you see is scanning progress stats. Here, you can also see the preview of recovered AVCHD footage.

Step 5: Now you need to select recovered Sony AVCHD format files that you need to recover then click Recover button present in bottom right corner. Next, select the location where you want save your recovered files and click Continue.

Note: Free Version of Sony AVCHD Files Recovery Software only allows you to preview your recoverable Sony AVCHD format files, you will not able to retrieve those files to destination folder. Though, you must know that you have to purchase its licensed version to take advantages of recovery functionality.