Top 10 Must Have Mobile Games for Smartphones

smartphone-gamesWith the increasing demand of smartphones there is a huge increase in the availability of games. Almost every mobile phone user loves to play game on the phone. Games have become a part of daily routine life. Even I myself is found of playing games in mobiles. Playing a good game becomes the passion of a game player. A day without mobile game appear to live without water. Looking for top must have game? Answer is here, tough it was not quite easy to create the list but still here it is. Some may find their favorite game in the list and some may me disappointed not seeing their choice in the list.

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10. Angry Birds 2 : Some might get shocked seeing it in the list of top must have game for mobile phones. Its a fact that this game turned to build its position in this list. New elements have been introduced within this new version, so that while introducing it to gamers it would be the one which people already knew. However the sequel version is able to manage with more fame and lovers as well. Angry Birds 2 had stopped being fun long ago, but as Angry Birds 2 came out things changed. It had been modified for more and better pleasure experience.

It is available to download on iOS, and Android-

9. Horizon Chase : Racing are the most played games. Speed and thrill charges the player. Horizon Chase reminds us oh childhood games those days games had simple and also have retro graphics along with three button gameplay. This game is not too easy to play you need some serious will to win this game,it is too interesting and binds the interest.

It is available to download on iOS and Android.

8. Pac-Man 256 : It’s hard to find any one who has not played Pac-Mac in their life. But this is not the same game we know but with a delicious new twist that makes it a lot more modern and better. It is like a old gameplay with lots of new elements, so that the game can easily make this possible to go beyond simply pressing the nostalgia buttons which is actually a lot more fun. The list of top must have game for mobile phones could not move with having it.

It is available to download for iOS and Android users.

7. Tap Tap Dash : Could not make out what component makes the game more addictive. This game is really challenging and have incredible fast paced gameplay which need incredibly challenging split second timing and so called razor sharp precision and you will see that never ending levels are more hard and more challenging and it all goes in sync as the game proceeds to forward. If you are the fan of games that require quick and precise inputs you will love this game.

It is available to download for iOS and Android platform.

6. Alto’s Adventure : Within the genre of Action games (however it has not been classified that way) Alto’s Adventure is the one which is ahead in this genre. But gamers also say that the background and peaceful scenery of this game along with the background music make this very soothing sometimes. The calming visuals and beautiful music make it all together very relaxing even when you are playing very tricky jumps, or attempt to outpace the mountain elders or land over that perfect grind. The game is a thrill still it deliver adventure and calm at the same time.

It is available to download only for iOS users.

5. Rayman Adventures : Rayman Adventure is supposed to be a benchmark set but for its predecessors, just like the previous one it did not reached that level with high standards. But it is a fine game overall, few of the users have described that it is bit tough to go with the controls but still it is a Rayman game you can expect from Ubisoft. Crafted with lots of animation and art design it is the one which is really hard to explain in words which also comes with crazy level designs and fast paced actions.

It is available to download for iOS and Android users.

4. Lara Croft Go : This game is a beautiful combination of puzzle with action and adventure to play in the game which is styled with lovely art design and another replay values. However, this game is loaded with the aroma of the nods which came from older Tomb Raider games but its still a nice to play game. You might think that it is just gaining the popularity of the brand of Tomb Raider, but the game is loaded with lots of new things and will do justice with the name as well.

It is available to download for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

3. Badland 2 : Well, gamers say that original Badland was like something you are playing into with a winged creature which is barely able to keep itself within the navigation you wanted. After that all you wanted is to play a game but the music mechanism will keep you stuck with the game and feeling totally along within it will cut you down to pieces as it cannot make this possible to help you without any remorse. Badland 2 is another thing which is really hard to play as it was just like two years ago. The game is really enjoyable when you will experience it with its gorgeous visual effects and gameplay.

It is available to download for iOS users –

2. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons : It is like nothing has left about being told about this game, just not because its do not have anything but the name itself is enough for describing. This game was very popular universally when it come to make this possible to gather all things like most liked characters, good story, challenging puzzles which automatically make this possible to create a proper and brilliant use of the joysticks you need for gameplay. It also have beautiful visuals and sound as well, which make it look more spectacular over touchscreen.

It is available to download for iOS users.

1. Transistor : The game is a beautiful collection of stunning soundtracks and visuals. The game looks jaw droopingly gorgeous. The superb game-play and terrific voice acting are just eye- catching and attractive. Transistor is a work of art, a lovingly crafted one at that, and it shows every time you play it. And for that it why it holds the top position.

It is available to download for iOS users.

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