Top 3 Free Android Security Apps – Do They Really Help?

AndrSecuAndroid platform security for any device such tablets, smartphones etc. are still in this discussion whether to get one security app for your device or not. It always end like never ending debate which is really hard to manage and for such kind of reasons it is really hard to choose an efficient security app for your device. Most of the time when it become a hard reason to use any kind of security application within the Android Platform device. Recently lots of security apps had made it possible to secure new Android devices and versions to from new threats as well. That’s why here we suggest some of those popular security Apps which can easily make this possible to fulfill all your security measures required for your Android device.

The Popular Ones from the List Are Available Down Here:

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360 Security – Known as a major player in the field of mobiles Apps for security zone, this anti-virus app has been developed by Qihoo. According to the last report it has been recorded that this app can flawlessly detect 99.9 percent of threats on any device which is the highest for any security application available in market. 360 Security app is focused all upon detecting and invalidate all the threats which are detected on your Android, the design has been also a nice feature of it because it has a simplified interface by which any user can easily see all their friendly options available just at a touch end. The standard measures of real time scanning and Safe-Guard facility protects your device from malware, spyware and other kind of threats as well.

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Avast Mobile Security – Considering as a free to use app for Android platform Avast Mobile Security is one of those genuinely free app which is considered very good for all kind of Android operated devices. The features of Avast security includes a Web shield which has the algorithm to scan Web URLs for related malwares etc. There are lots of things which are being used within Avast package, just like the anti-theft component of it, this features very impressive functions such as if you lose your phone then you can locate it, lock it, or wipe it very easily with the help of a SMS which should be collaborated with this app.

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ESET Mobile Security – This deserves to be one of those Top 5 anti-virus applications with its detection capability of 100 percent. This report was recently published as the latest anti-virus tests reports shows it. Very easy to use interface make this a basic app for all android operated smartphones and tablets while, which is completely free to download and use as well. The free version also has the anti-theft tools loaded within it, as it can easily make this possible to locate and lock the android smartphone or tablet and prevent other unwanted tasks with the help of password protection.

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With the help of these researched and tested apps, now you can easily load your android smartphone or tablet with complete protection, of-course most of the time Big names and Big brands also attract most of security seeking people but when compared to these free options nothing can justify those price tags.

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