Top iOS Racing Games in 2016

ios-raceThere is no doubt why do we all gamers like racing movies or racing games etc. Racing is really exciting, I doubt that there could be any person who like games and dislikes any kind of racing games. Few people are so much obsessed with such kind of racing games that they always search for such kind of games. Top iOS racing games in 2016 are listed here below, by which any racing game lover will surely get motivate for new launched games specially designed for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad etc. Racing games are so good, that it can make you feel the air on your face and sometimes pump adrenalin through their graphics and game-play style as well.

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Here We Start the List, which goes on with:

Real Racing 3 – It has been in news that when the game was moved as free-to-play then it had some real criticism about it, but the game itself was enough to bear all that. When it comes to handle all such type of things Real Racing is always ahead to provide fantastic driving experience for all gamers. This game is a real fun for all people who loves driving. Entire game is plotted between real world cars as the race tracks also has real-world graphics as well. Different modes of the game also make this very attractive and various challenges keep it always tricky and with all the stages those are divided with all kind of games modes like time trails, Standard races and Time Shift Player Mode.

GT Racing 2 – From the factory of Gameloft, GT Racing 2 is one of the finest racing which is always a leader in its segment. Most of the time it throws a real car experience which is favorite for all racing game lovers as the realistic driving take it to a different level. It claims to have more than 71 licensed cars which are featured to race over 13 tracks of this game, like all other games this also have different modes which are listed as Duels, Knockouts and Overtakes etc. while different other kind of events are also designed to make this more attractive that is designed with several camera modes within the game-play.

ASPHALT 8 : AIRBONE – Asphalt 8 has been experienced with more realistic racing game than others, according to the user experience mostly it gained more popularity than any other car racing has ever done. This version Asphalt 8: Airbone is an action oriented version of this game which has stunning graphics, fueled with fast-paced cars and amazing race tracks. The name also lives up to it which is far more better and encourage all players to take these leaps within the game and experience unimaginable stunts as well. Loaded with 56 high performance cars with 180 events and 8 seasons inside numerous game mode for single and multi-players as well.

SBK 14 – If you like Bike races more cars then SBK 14 is just made for you, there is a kind of Superbike World Championship designed fully compatible with your iOS device. In the list of top iOS racing games this is the one which is very hard to ignore. One of the top ranked riders like Tom Sykes, Fabien Foret, Imre Toth and others. All the race tracks are completely rendered with beautiful weather and other required graphics as well. The most engaging thought of SBK 14 is its control system which have nine type of control modes starting from tilt control to virtual joysticks as well. It also has a premium mode which will unlock several more tracks and additional content.

CSR Racing – Fans of drag racing has been looking into this much more than any other racing game. It has been designed as a complete urban drag racing thing which will not only attract but can compel you to its precise start-up and eye-catching tricked out cars. Such kind of graphics has been integrated within this series that anyone cannot leave it without playing. With the help of several kind of high performance cars and favorable environment it could easily make this possible to ask for cash from the players like a fishing trick. This could be also a reason to earn from the players because the game is available within free-to-play section. Most of the time such kind of things are available to purchase in form of gold currency that allows to purchase gas resources and other expended features that is used within game every time any user play.

Fast & Furious : Legacy – From the Kabam manufacturer, which is basically based on hit movie series Fast and Furious. It is a complete mix of different racing types such as lane control, drag race and drifting etc. the game can easily satisfy any racing gamer with all the arcade racing game experience for all. 50 and above cars are available to customize within the game so that user can easily makeover their cars anytime they want.

AG Drive – The game all speaks about defying the gravity and dive within the scientific-fiction future of sleek arcade design which is loaded with most fantastic action packed races. The gallery of rogue drivers of its galaxy will make your drive you only through the impossible architecture of the game while you will also have different offers that will allow you to experience various modes of the game.

There are many more you can dig from the Apple Store as, it is full of all such kind of things, where as if you really want to experience. Then just login and start downloading one by one all of it.

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