Windows Phone Malware Can Attack Your Windows PC

WindowsVirusWith the help of different kind of malware the cyber thugs are also trying to reach over lots of Windows phone nowadays, this is a kind of loop for them because most of those users often connect their phone to any Windows PC or laptop. In such type of scenario there are huge chances of that malware to get flow within that Windows operated system and start to damage it. The article today you are reading is derived from a real experience of Windows Phone user who infected his PC unknowingly which was an adware application first initiated from his Windows mobile.

Starting with his own experience, it all get to know when the web browser of computer system started to get redirect over a specific web address but it was not a worth to visit it. The annoying part of that web address was that it automatically make this possible to redirect all type of requested URLs to different web addresses suppose. If I am trying to access Google it brings me or suggest me to look for other search engines relatively used for searching any query over the web. Most of the time it also prompts to download any App from the store, which is most of the time an pornographic app promotion. Such type of behavior confirmed that the phone was infected with malware. The chances were high for a Windows Phone Malware attack on that device because the security was compromised and devastating.

Now comes the very important part of this article in which I will describe this to how the Windows Phone malware synced itself to Windows PC and after that created a havoc for the PC user as well. Often we connect our smartphones to any computer system, so that we can sync our favorite data with computer system to save, create a backup or to enjoy the same content over both devices. Most of the Windows mobile and Windows computer system users sync to do the same. Such type of concern bring down the level of security and not a good idea if you are already had a Windows Phone Malware on your phone. Just suppose how it could be for any user if the related online wallet, confidential email, contacts etc. are under any malware or adware attack.

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Here we are going to discuss about the facility by which any Windows phone or Windows PC user can easily make this possible to scan his infected Windows Phone Malware or system with the help of this particular virus scanner, that has been trusted by most of the users around the globe.

There are other scenarios as well, for the same when I dig the internet it made me think about it and they were looking very similar in which some kind of YouTube video shared link was appeared to be redirecting to different website where the anti-malware program already installed on that Windows PC was saying that it had blocked some kind of attack on browser by Windows Phone Malware.

Overall this agenda make me think that while choosing any mobile app or clicking over any link user must have a security program which must be capable enough to provide security.

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